Himalayan Pink salt Reduce the Blood Pressure

Himalayan Pink salt Reduce the Blood Pressure

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American heart association also agrees on point that there is lack of proof on point that salt intake cause hypertension or high blood pressure

Physician failed to prove that salt causes high blood pressure:

 An article titled as Doctors Lack Proof That Too Much Salt is Bad For You was published in July1970, here the author reveals that “After years of telling healthy people that too much salt isn’t good for them, researchers still don’t have solid evidence to back up that claim”.  Famous cardiologist Dr. Alexander Gordon Logan did extensive detail research to find the  exact relation between the salt  intake and blood pressure  fluctuation but   the search ended with no result found in the association that salt intake cause blood pressure. He ended the search saying that "You might as well go ahead and salt your food to taste".

Clinical experts view in relation of salt and high blood pressure :

What actually come pout from all these researchers is that people who seemed to experience the fluctuation of blood pressure with salt might be sensitive to an excess salt intake. Or it might be due to deficiency of some rampant mineral deficiency. And no doubt there are two types of salt table ordinary table salt and the pure mineral sea salt .ordinary table salt intake might result to have adverse effects on the salt sensitive peoples because it is refined salt chemically processed  having 95 percent of sodium chloride. Along with other non-natural chemicals that are responsible for causing diseases many other ailments like a development of goiters, as edema, hypertension, muscle cramps. strained elimination systems, water retention, edema, stroke, etc.

Himalayan pink salt controls the blood pressure:

Himalayan pink salt that is most natural sea salt, containing 85 natural minerals is found  to have healthy effects on the high blood pressure patients, the reason is that it is not like an ordinary table salt containing 95 % percent of sodium salt but is salt having all the essentially required minerals of body along with  sodium and potassium minerals, that is responsible for fulfilling the mineral deficiency occurring in human body. so it is found to have positive effects on high  blood pressure patients

How Himalayan salt controls the blood pressure:

The mineral salt has quite healthy effects on the human body.

Maintain water flow in body

Himalayan pink salt regulates the flow of water in body regulating the functioning of the body.

Regulate the ph level of the body :

The mineral pink Salt is alkaline in nature and keeps the PH level of the body stable 

Healthy effects on human heart :

By scientific research, it is evident that pure mineral salt  like Himalayan salt is quite essential in maintaining better the heart health the negative ions in the salt stabilize the irregular heart beat and is essentially profound in supporting electrochemical reaction in the body. Thus, intake of Himalayan salt in the proper amount is found considerably beneficial in high blood pressure patients.


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