5 Recipes that Contain small amount of Salt

5 Recipes that Contain small amount of Salt

The average person in the United States consumes approximately 3,400 milligrams of sodium (salt) every day. This salt intake is twice than what the American Heart Association has recommended for everyday. According to the American Heart Association – a person should consume 1,500 milligrams of sodium (salt) a day. However, the Himalayan pink salt is a perfect choice for your salt or seasoning purposes, but you should cut it back to what the American Heart Association has recommended for a healthy life.Without the salt, the recipes won’t taste good. Here are the 5 low-salt recipes that can help you cut back the salt intake, even  

1. Banana Nut Oatmeal (0 milligrams sodium)

Start your morning with the healthy twist on the warm breakfast. Packed with nuts, bananas, and cinnamon, this is just a perfect way to rise and work your routine activities. There are only 310 calories without any cholesterol and this is a meal that is full of protein and it will get you a 9 grams of fiber. The bananas can offer you more potassium and it will also lower the blood pressure.

2. Easy Granola (22 milligrams sodium)

This recipe will offer you a heart-healthy day start. This is a nut-filled breakfast that will keep you entirely satisfied until the lunch time. Each serving packs three grams of protein and three grams of protein.

3. Southern Pecan and Apple Salad (28 milligrams sodium)

For just 300 calories, this tangy and sweet salad will not skimp on flavor. It will offer you a number of heart-healthy fats between the oil based dressing and the crunchy pecan topping.

4. Orange, Beet and Ricotta Salad (88 milligrams sodium)

For only 132 calories, this colorful salad will offer a huge amount of proteins (94 grams) and the fiber (3 grams) per serving. This is a sweet and salty recipe for lunch and it will satisfy the taste and will not hurt your waistline too.

5. Scallop Ceviche (127 milligrams sodium)

This is a delicious dish and this can be made a night before and it can be stored for up to sixteen hours. It is not only flavorful, but it is also a low-fat option for lunch.

So, these are the 5 easy low-sodium recipes that you can make for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Although Himalayan crystal salt is a great choice, but you still have to use it according to the American Heart Association’s recommendations. The pink salt is the purest and natural salt of the world containing a very high number of minerals.

This salt is used for manufacturing a number of products such as the Himalayan pink plates and a few other health friendly products just because of its health friendly properties. It is recommended for you to use Himalayan salt for your cooking and if you can get the products like the salt cooking plates, then that would be an added benefit of this salt form.