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Myth or Fact: Salt Increases Blood Pressure

Myth or Fact: Salt Increases Blood Pressure

In the United States, over 23,000 deaths are recorded annually due to the high blood pressure (hypertension). It affects 1 out of 3 non-institutionalized Americans in 2010. The ability to prevent the hypertension and to appropriately regulate the blood pressure depends on a number of factors that includes the intrinsic factors such as genetics and also the external factors such as diet. The health experts and the media will say that salt in moderation can increase the blood pressure. But wait… Does it really make sense or is it just a part of the story?

Actually, the experts are not exactly wrong! In fact, there is much more that you should know about it. The truth is that salt is really essential for human existence and it is an integral part of the human bodies. Without the presence of sodium in our body, we will die!

Why health experts recommend a lower salt intake?

Most of times we use a salt in our diet that is not the right type of salt and that’s what causes the health problems like high blood pressure or hypertension. The ordinary table salt is altered from its natural state and we can only consider it as an industrial waste. So, this is the type of salt that can decides either you are going to get benefit from or, or is it going to bring some health problems.

The health experts recommend lowering the salt intake because the ordinary table salt is a processed form of salt that has a lot of chemicals and they can encourage hypertension or high blood pressure.  But, what about the other types of salts? What about the Himalayan Crystal Salt that is natural and chemical-free and holds 84 minerals to support the body functions work properly? Actually, salt has a number of health benefits, but if it is free from any impurities or chemicals.

The 84 minerals in Himalayan salt:

The Himalayan pink salt is having the support of 84 minerals, and this is the finest type of salt available on our planet that is free from any chemicals or pollutants. If you are using the Himalayan pink salt instead of the ordinary salt that is commonly available in the grocery stores, then you are absolutely safe. The Himalayan salt is naturally packed with a number of health benefits and it is a much needed mineral that can lower and regulate the high blood pressure.

Why Himalayan salt is a better choice?

The Himalayan salt is a form of sea salt that was formed under a massive pressure of the Himalayan Mountains that covered an ancient sea approximately 250 million years ago. This salt has the health benefits like regulating the irregular heartbeats and lowering the high blood pressure because of its mineral composition and the purity from the air pollution or something like that. Because of the mineral composition and lots of added benefits of the pink salt, it is named as the world’s best salt.

There are a number of natural medicines and other products that are manufactured using this salt type. For instance, the Himalayan pink plates are becoming a popular product all around the world because of their features and the health benefits. You can also witness these salt cooking plates in top restaurants and wonder why they are using them? It is just because they know the truth behind the Himalayan salt and its benefits for the human health.