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Essential Pre-Bridal Treatments which you shouldn’t Skip:

Essential Pre-Bridal Treatments which you shouldn’t Skip:

A girl starts dreaming about her wedding look and imagining herself as a bride at an age when she doesn’t even understand the real meaning of the wedding. That’s why every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day.

To turn all those dreams into a beautiful reality, girls try each and every beauty treatment before their wedding. But, doing too much can also be harmful to the bride’s skin and looks. So, you should always stick to a few essential pre-bridal beauty treatments to look like a queen.

Missing any of these treatments can also make you look less charming; which you don’t even want to imagine. Well, to help out all the brides-to-be, we have gathered all the essential pre-bridal treatments which you must have before your wedding. Let’s have a look:

1.     Hair Removal:

Body hairs are a no-no for a bride as they can ruin the shine and beauty of the skin. So, you should go for a full body hair removal process before your wedding. If you can’t tolerate that much pain, then at least consider waxing your hands, legs, face and other open areas of the body.

You can also opt for laser hair removal if you wish to get rid of your hairs for some years or permanently. But, you should remember that laser hair removal is a long process. So, start it at least 6-8 months before your wedding.

2.     Hair Colour and Spa:

Hairs are a very significant part of a girl’s beauty; so you should never forget about getting some hair treatments before your wedding. Nowadays, hair colouring and hair straightening are in trend. You can try hair colours that last for 6 months as well as temporary ones that last for a few days only.

You get a plethora of shade options from which you can choose any one as per your interest. But, if you are going for a hair colour for the first time, then select safer colours that will look good on you. Experimenting with unique shades can become a big issue in case they won’t suit you.

Also, take hair spa to make your hairs silky and smooth. As hair colour and hair straightening involve lots of chemicals, so your hairs need proper nourishment after these treatments. A hair spa treatment is also helpful in curing problems like hair fall, dandruff and dryness.

3.     Facials:

We often don’t care for our skin that much, but you should give it your undivided attention and time before the wedding. Yes, because your skin should look flawless, glowing and beautiful on your wedding day.

For this, choose a regular course of facials. The duration of these courses is usually four to six months. Facials will help in the removal of blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells, and it also boosts blood circulation due to which our face glow. So, visit the salon to get the details and start your facials at least 6-7 months before the wedding date.

4.     Body Massage:

The stress of shopping and wedding preparations leaves you exhausted. To relax your body and mind, you need full body massage before your wedding. This will soothe your body and mind. Also, it increases the blood circulation and provides necessary nourishment to your skin.

You can go to the spa for the body massage, or you can also try it your home. Mix coconut milk, banana and papaya pulp to create the massage mixture. Add lots of sugar. Take help of anybody at your home to massage this mixture on your body. This will help in exfoliation; which is very important for your skin.

5.     Manicure and Pedicure:

The hands and feet of the bride should also look flawless and smooth. You will have to exhibit your hands and feet in many wedding rituals. So, they should look amazing. For this, you need to go for manicure and pedicure sessions.

Take regular manicure and pedicure sessions for a few months before your wedding to make the skin of these body parts soft and glowing. It will also affect the health and growth of your fingernails. So, don’t skip it.

6.     Teeth Whitening:

Definitely, you would not want to embarrass yourself by flaunting a yellowish smile on your wedding day. But, our natural teeth are a little bit yellow and they become really yellowish if we don’t take proper care of them. So, don’t forget to give a makeover to your smile as well.

Teeth whitening is a simple process, and if you don’t want to go for that, then at least go for a full-teeth cleansing session. The process of teeth whitening will be complete within a single setting. So, you can take two settings, one for teeth cleansing and one for whitening. Avoid drinking red wine, coffee and dark sauces after these treatments to avoid stains.

7.     Tan Removal:

If you often go out without applying sunscreen, then there must be tan, black spots or pigmentation on your face and body. All these effects of sun damage can ruin your bridal look. So, consider going for a tan removal process before the wedding day.

De-tanning is not only essential for your face but your whole body. Hence, the full-body de-tanning session will be best for you. After this, your skin will be truly flawless.

8.     Nail Extensions:

Broken and irregular nails won’t suit a bride. So, if your nails don’t grow very long naturally and keep breaking, then you should also get nail extensions. These will enhance the beauty and elegance of your hands.

There are various shapes and styles of nail extensions available in the beauty salons. So, you can select any colour, design, embellishments or shapes for your artificial nails. But, don’t get nail extensions too early as they won’t last for long. Go for these just 2-3 days before your wedding day.

So, put your best foot forward and go for all these treatments to look most beautiful on your wedding.