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Science of SALT

Science of SALT

Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.

Nelson Mandela

Salt- the only rock which we can eat is something more than just a flavor. It is water soluble, lessens taste of bitterness, balances sweetness and physically expands our taste buds. Just introducing a small amount of salt to any dish could really wake it up. Due to having moisture absorbing property it is helpful in moisture retention during cooking.

Importance of salt:

Salt is basically a natural mineral; a blend makes of sodium ion and chloride ion. There are many kinds of commercial salt like Himalayan pink salt, sea salt, table salt, and kosher salt etc. The importance of salt could be better estimated from the fact that salt, saline, and salary have the same origin “solarium” which was the money paid to a roman soldier to buy salt.

Is Salt Beneficial for Health or Not?

A lot of health experts are doing research on salt intakes because it makes our foods so tasty and induce us to eat more. Most of us are told that taking the excessive amount of salt could increase blood pressure and many other issues, but before taking this thing into account we should learn the things which are very important about salt intakes.

We Have to Ingest Salt to Fulfill Body requirements:

Different people think different about salt but actually, salty is vital to all living things. It is one of the most important nutrients for our body, which means that our body doesn’t make it by itself; we have to ingest all the salt that is required for our body for a proper functioning.

Sodium from Salt is necessary for proper body functioning:

 Sodium present in salt is necessary for proper functioning of the body as it helps to maintain the right balance of fluids, transmitting nerve impulses, contraction, and relaxation of muscles. Salt, when dissolved in water, conducts electricity that is necessary for aiding transmission of signals along our nervous system and brain.     

Salty is not evil for body:

One of the very interesting facts about salt is that our body has an average of 7 tablespoons of salt in our whole system, that’s why all our body fluids are salty like blood, tears, sweat. Hence, it would be wrong to say that salt is an evil for our body/health. 

Pink Salt in cooking:

Apart from other health benefits, salt is an essential component of our foods. We can’t even imagine any taste in our foods without salty flavor. Pink salt is considered to be the best salt for cooking, seasoning and preserving foods as is 100% unprocessed and chemical free. Due to its antimicrobial property, many vegetables and meats are brined, pickled and preserved using salt.


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